Acetylacetone synthesis

Detailed information

  • Product name: Acetylacetone, Alias: 2,4-Pentanedione 

  • Molecular formula: C5H8O2 

  • Molecular weight: 100 

  • Appearance: a colorless, transparent liquid. Flash point 34oC. 

  • Acetylacetone content: ≥99.8% 

  • Moisture: ≤ 0.08% 

  • Acidity: ≤0.15% 

  • Chroma: <10     

  • Residue on Evaporation: ≤0.002% 

  • Refractive index: 1.450±0.002

Refractive index: 1.450±0.002 

Uses: mainly used for the synthesis of Sulfamethoxazolee SMZ, antiviral agent WIN51711, Diabetic drug AD-58, veterinary drugs, mequindox and feed additives; as metal chelator used in the manufacture of cellulose acetate and polypropylene in the plastics industry, paint desiccant, intermediate for the manufacture of lubricants, Acetylacetone Body, with most lubricants, resin bridging agents, accelerators, etc. It can also be used as a cellulose acetate solvent, an additive for gasoline and lubricating oil, a desiccant for paints and varnishes, a bactericide, an insecticide, and the like. 

Packing: Export: 200kg net weight in plastic drum, 950kg net weight in canned; Domestic sales: 200kg net weight in plastic drum. This product is a flammable and explosive dangerous goods. 

Storage: Stored in a cool dry place. 

Safety: no swallow or into eyes.

Acetate ester

  • Product: Acetylacetone

  • CAS:123-54-6

  • 200L Plastic bucket: 60*98

  • IBC tank:1.2*1*1.16

  • Unit Price:48000.00 rmb/ton

  • Minimum order quantity: 1 ton

  • Annual output: 14000 ton