5-Nitrofurfural Diacetat

Detailed information

  • Product name:5-Nitro-2-furaldehydediacetate

  • Molecular weight: 243.17 

  • Molecular formula: C9H9NO7

  • Content: ≥98.5% 

  • Melting point: 89-93°C

  • Description of properties: very light yellow crystalline powder

  • Standard: Enterprise Standard

Production method:

It is obtained by nitrification and esterification of furfural. Add acetic anhydride to the reaction pot, cool to -5 ° C, add 1/5 of the mixed acid (nitric acid and sulfuric acid), and then add a mixture of nitric acid and furfural (1:2 by volume) at the same time to control the temperature. After about 0 °C, about 5-6h is added, and a part of furfural is continuously added dropwise. Then, stirring for 1 h, adding water and sodium carbonate solution, heating to 55-62 ° C, and keeping warm for 1 h. Cool to 15 ° C, filter, wash with water, dry to obtain the finished product, the yield of 85%.


Used as pharmaceutical intermediates, used in the manufacture of furan anti-infectives such as furazolidone, nitrofurazone, furadantin, nitrovin, nifuroxazide, veterinary raw materials, flavors, etc.

5 Nitrofurfural Diacetate

  • Product:5-Nitrofurfural Diacetat

  • CAS: 92-55-7

  • 20KG/cardboard bucket: 40*50

  • Unit Price:40000.00 rmb/ton

  • Minimum order quantity: 1ton

  • Annual output: 300 ton