Benzofuroxan Powder

Detailed information

Molecular formula:  C6H4N2O2 
Molecular Weight: 136.11  
CAS Accession number: 480-96-6  
EINECS Accession number: 207-559-1 
Melting point: 66-69 oC 

Benzofuroxan-N-oxide (Benzofuroxan, BFO) is the starting material for the production of mequindox The starting material can be further considered to be an intermediate of quinocetone and mequindox. 
Since the chemical structure was confirmed in the 1960s, the synthesis, properties, and applications in various fields of BFO and its derivatives have been extensively studied, whether as synthetic intermediates for certain aromatic compounds. It still has important theoretical research and application value in analytical chemistry, military, medicine, agriculture, biology and rubber.
The compound is synthesized from o-nitroaniline as a raw material and catalyzed by alkali metal hydroxide to synthesize Benzofuroxan-N-oxide (BFO) by sodium hypochlorite. Appearance: Yellow crystalline powder Content: 98% min Moisture: 2.5 %max is used to produce mequindox, an intermediate of quinocetone.

Benzofuroxan Powder

  • Product: Benzofuroxan(BF0)

  • 25 kg or 40 kg woven bags

  • Unit Price:25000.00 rmb/ton

  • Minimum order quantity: 1ton

  • Annual output: 300 ton